Unfolding of Neutron and Photon Spectra
Principle of MAXIMUM ENTROPY and Theorem of BAYES,
The HEPROW and RESTRAW program packages
Manfred Matzke
D-38116 Braunschweig
The HEPROW program system maybe downloaded to a directory created by the user.

Please note:
The HEPROW programs have been written at DOS-times, i. e. they are now more than 20 years old. However it seems to the author that there is no modern program available, which allows neutron spectrum unfolding with the same algorithm as used in HEPROW.
The programs have been checked to run under WINDOWS as BATCH files.
If you are willing to invest some work you may try to use HEPROW.

Do the following:
Create a directory with arbitrary name (e.g. UNFOLD or XXXXXX),
Create it in the root directory of your PC, to make the path names not too long.

     Extract the Zip file HEPROW.ZIP
     to this directory. USE: KEEP PATH !!!!

In UNZIPping do NOT use the following modus,
for instance: "extract HEPROW.ZIP to directory HEPROW",

this will create a new directory /HEPROW/HEPROW/

Use instead the modus "EXTRACT HEPROW.ZIP to directory XXXXXX "(see above).
After installing you should have the structure:
structure of directories

In addition there are the files
Stored into the HEPROW directory.

Read at first the readme.txt file and check the other files in \HEPROW\
NOTE: It is necessary to read the file HEPROW.PDF before running the programs.

Start then with the batch files in
\HEPROW\ and in the subdirectories
HEPROW runs in a DOS-BOX, all path-names should be less than 40 characters.

Note: For downloading you need a username and a password from:  hepro@matzke-bs.de

After you have received username and password you may download here

It is important to compare the solutions offered by different unfolding methods, as this provides important findings on the road toward the "best" solution. This is made possible by combining the MAXED program developed by Marcel Reginatto with the programs of the HEPROW package. All these codes realize both few-channel and multichannel deconvolution. It is highly recommended to download (see below) and use the MAXED code together with the HEPROW package. The input formats and the data formats for all the codes agree.
M. Reginatto and P. Goldhagen: MAXED, A Computer Code for the Deconvolution of Multisphere Neutron Spectrometer Data Using the Maximum Entropy Method, USDOE Report EML-595, Environmental Measurements Laboratory, New York (1998); http://www.eml.doe.gov/publications/reports/.

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